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Hopefully, youíve found a lot of the information on our website pretty useful. However, if thereís something missing, or something you think should have been dealt with in more detail please let us know. The site will only improve if you give us some feedback. The best way for you to get in touch is to e-mail NUS on: If you havenít got e-mail you can fax your suggestions on 0171 263 5713 or write to the Press Office at NUS, 461 Holloway Road, London N7 6LJ. Here are some general areas which you could comment on - but your own points will be just as useful to us:
1. How helpful did you find the contents of this web site?
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Not very helpful

2. Which sections did you find particularly like and why?

3. Which sections did you find not very helpful and why?

4. What other topics would you like to have seen covered?

5. Are there any other links to web sites you think should be set up, or any more addresses
and e-mail addresses which would be good?

Thank you.

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