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Minutes of the CLANUS Executive Meeting held on Wednesday, 23 October, 1996 at Lancaster and Morecambe College

Stephen Mullen (FEUD Officer)
Kate Buckell (Executive Officer without portfolio)
Rob Allen (Returning Officer)

Pav Ahktar (FEUD Officer)
Bob Weatherhead (Anti-Racism Officer)
Pejay Greaves (LGB Officer)
Davy Garland (Disabilities Officer)
Nick Duffy (Executive Officer without portfolio)

Chairperson: Kate Buckell

Minutes taken by: Kate Buckell

Minutes of last meeting: Passed without amendment

1. Resignations

The Executive notes that the Convenor (Donald Murray) resigned due to necessity of obtaining a job. The General Secretary (Anita Goldsmith) resigned to take up a course in Manchester. One of the LGB Officers (Sarah Thomas) resigned because she felt that she would not be able to commit herself fully to CLANUS because of her studies. It was noted that it is necessary for an executive member to take the organisational role of area convenor until elections can be held. It was suggested and agreed that Stephen Mullen (Further Education Union Development Officer) should be the acting convenor and that Kate Buckell will assist Stephen in this role. It was also agreed that the CLANUS office should now be based at Lancaster and Morecambe College Students' Union.

2. Mailings

Mailing to go out as soon as possible

  1. Publicity for demo "No to tuition fees" with local information
  2. Reports on activity in local colleges
  3. Up and coming dates including CLANUS Council and FE Conference
  4. List of exec members and contact numbers
  5. Article on JSA and employment services actions
  6. Article on women's issues
  7. Advert for WSN and NUS "Foundations for Freedom" Conference, Nov. 30th
  8. Date of next Area Council
After mailing goes do a ring around about issues/events in the area then send out affiliation notices.

3. End Student Hardship demo

It was decided that we should speak to Karyn Brand at Lancaster University Students' Union about organising transport for the End Student Hardship demo. Suggested times for picking up students for the demo: 5.00am at Euston Road, Morecambe
5.15am at Lancaster and Morecambe College
5.30am at Dalton Square, Lancaster
5.45am at Lancaster University Underpass
Assemble at 12 noon Malet Street, London

4. Day of Action

Contact local unions (NATFE, AUT, UNISON).
Use to build demo.
Produce double sided support leaflet (put details of demo on leaflet).

5. Area Policy

This executive notes that recognised NUS areas cannot hold policy which contradicts the policy of NUS. This area formally rescinds any policy that comes into this category.

6. Any Other Business

  1. JSA Briefing - contact John Offord at NUS to check facts.
  2. Hidden charges campaign pack.
  3. HIV/AIDS Briefing.

7. Date for next CLANUS Council Meeting

Thursday, 14th November. Venue to be confirmed.

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